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Facelift Acupuncture (Cosmetic Acupuncture)

No surgery; No downtime; Just results

Facelift Acupuncture: Relaxing, Beautifying, Healing

Facelift Acupuncture can provide a safe, effective, natural, painless and drug-free approach to reducing the signs of aging.

Facelift Acupuncture: Effective anti-wrinkle treatment, Anti-aging

Facelift Acupuncture - also known as Cosmetic Acupuncture - is a natural way to look and feel your best -- safely, drug-free painlessly, and without surgery. Unlike abrasive or chemical treatments, there is no risk of sensitization, agitation, or major trauma to the skin. There is no downtime and you will leave the clinic glowing and relaxed from your session. Acupuncture treats the whole person. It works not only on a physical level but on a mental/emotional level as well, reducing stress, anxiety, depression improving sleep, and promoting well-being.

A Natural and Better way to Healthy and Beauty: Facelift acupuncture is a cheaper and safer alternative to Botox and Cosmetic surgery.

Today, more men and women are turning to facial acupuncture as a natural non-surgical alternative to facial injections, fillers and chemical beauty treatments.

What is Facelift Acupuncture?

Also known as Cosmetic acupuncture, Facial acupuncture, Facial rejuvenation or Revitalization acupuncture, is an ancient beauty secret and is used by both men and women as a non-toxic way to minimize fine lines and wrinkles from the face. It reduces the signs of aging by renewing the glow of the skin and providing a youthful look to the face. Facelift acupuncture has a long history. Records show that Facelift acupuncture was practiced on the Chinese Emperors, Empresses and Emperors’ concubines in Ancient China in the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD)!

The Treatment

Facelift Acupuncture is a dual treatment; it beautifies the face and enhances internal health. Facelift Acupuncture is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine and involves inserting hair-thin needles into particular areas of the head, face and neck to help regulate and stimulate the body's own healing response. Though the focus of these treatments will be directed towards the face, acupuncture works beyond the superficial to treat the internal and underlying factors that contribute to optimal skin health.
When the needles are inserted and retained on the face for 30-45 minutes, the muscle tone of the face and head becomes relax. This specific insertion will increase the local circulation to the face and stimulate collagen and elastin production, which helps fill out fine lines and give firmness to the skin for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Facelift Acupuncture – Restore your natural radiance

During the acupuncture face-lift session, natural hormones may be stimulated and release from the brain. This natural hormone helps to eliminate mind-body pain, the same time helps to stimulate the body's natural processes of cell reproduction and growth Throughout treatment, you many notice other physical symptoms that you have will also improve. As it can improve hormonal balance, it may delay the greying of hair and hair loss associated with aging. It calms the mind and body which effectively helps patients with stress, anxiety and depression which lead to balancing the mind and body wellness. You may notice you have a better quality of sleep and increased energy. It will improve your digestion and metabolism reduce weight and strengthen your immune system.

Benefits of facial acupuncture may include:

  • Increases collagen and elastin production
  • Improving the firmness and moisture of skin
  • Improving metabolism and increasing local blood and lymph circulation
  • Improving facial color, tightening pores and brightening eyes
  • Reducing age spot
  • Lifting sagging skin, double chins, jowls, and drooping eyelids
  • Facial puffiness reduced or eliminated
  • Erasing fine lines and diminishing larger wrinkles
  • Reducing or eliminating skin problems such as acne, rosacea, eczema
  • Moistening the skin through increased circulation to the face
  • Creating a healthy, glowing complexion
  • Reducing stress evident in the face
  • Slows the aging process, from within
  • Delays the hair turning grey and the loss of hair associated with aging
  • Brings out a person's innate beauty and radiance

Other addition benefits:

  • Reduce Headache & Migraines
  • Reduce Emotion issue- Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and tension
  • Treat Numbness- Bell’s Palsy
  • Eases TMJ problems
  • Benefits the eyes, ears, sinuses, thyroid,
  • Reduce Digestive disturbances- Weight loss
  • Strengthen immune system.
  • Hormone balance-Hot flashes, sweat, Insomnia, acne, PMS…


A course of treatment is ten sessions. Patients often observe subtle results immediately. Two sessions per week over five weeks is the most effective protocol. Please note the treatment required for the neck is separated from the face. It consists of a minimum of 10 independent one-hour-sessions, twice weekly, for 5 weeks. Since the skin (epidermis) completely renews itself every 30 days, a once a month session is recommended for maintenance & for optimal results.

  • Individual results will vary based on age and lifestyle

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. Who would benefit from Cosmetic Acupuncture?

  • Anyone who wants to delay and slow-down the aging process.
  • Anyone who wants to look and feel younger.
  • Anyone who wants a natural face-lift to maintain their youthful-looking facial skin, increase their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Q2. Are there any side-effects?

  • Facial Acupuncture has no side effects.
  • Facial Acupuncture will not stretch or burn the skin or cause swelling or puffiness. There is no recovery time so you can return to normal activity immediately after treatment.

Q3. Can I do Facelift Acupuncture if I have Botox?

A: Yes, Facelift Acupuncture will maintain the effectiveness of Botox, so it will save you a couple injections per year.

Q4. What are Contraindications for Facial Acupuncture?

A: Acute Hepatitis, Cancer, AIDS, Hemophilia, bruising disorder, Pituitary tumor, Epilepsy, Seizures, Acute herpes outbreak.


Face lift Acupuncture is the most relaxing and restorative facial ever! I had 12 sessions. Dr. Yang uses more needles as time goes on and depending on one's specific needs. After a few sessions you can feel the blood flowing. At the end of each session my face glowed. Dr. Yang is quite adept in placing needles so that one doesn't even feel them. After that you are in for a treat. You are left to relax and your body goes into a deep relaxation that is so stress releasing. One hates for the session to end. The benefits for me have been: firmer skin, a brighter complexion and a reduction of fine lines. I have mature skin which has benefited from the procedure. I am tremendously pleased with the results.
--------Catalina R.

Because of the fear of side effects after cosmetic surgery, I didn't hesitate to try the Dr. Yang ‘s facelift acupuncture. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Acupuncture stimulates the many points in our body that promotes healing I felt I received so many benefits from the facial acupuncture. My skin seemed to brighten and had a healthier appearance. It looked and felt firmer and the few wrinkles I had seemed like they were filled in....hard to described with words. Also, the tension in my face and jaw from clenching due to stress was relieved. In addition, I slept better. Facelift Acupuncture is a part of my wellness routine and staying physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Yang
--------Isabella E.

Dr. Yang's facelift acupuncture treatments make me feel very relaxed and comfortable as you hardly feel any needle going into your body. He is always teaching me to eat the right kind of food whenever I have a condition that needs attention and advise on take herbs for corrective measures. I also believe that he has "magic hands" that can detect some irregularity within my body, checking your tongue and feeling you pulse. Not only my skin look more heath, but also the end result that makes me sleep better and boost up my immune system, and help me with some hormone issues. He is wonderful doctors and I recommend them to all my friends who want to look young and has pain in their body but do not wish to take "drugs for treatment.
--------Vanessa N.

I have been using Dr. Yang clinic for several years now and cannot recommend his facial acupuncture treatments highly enough. I always find his warm and welcoming and highly professional in every respect. The Facial acupuncture treatment are very relaxing and comfort. I find that my skin always looks and fells smooth and tightened after a treatment. Although I am in my early 60’s I have been complimented on my complexion many times and told that I look younger than my age. I am convinced that Dr. Yang’s treatments have contributed to my even skin tone and overall well- being.
-------- Susan W.

I wish to thank you Dr. Yang for my facial acupuncture. The results are great. Everybody is telling me that I look really young and fresh and asking me if I have done something to my face… I myself can see the difference in my skin plumpness and smoothness. My fine lines are non-existent and deep lines greatly improved. Also physically and mentally, I feel more calm, relaxed and energetic. Thank you very much again.
---------Elizabeth K.