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------ Infertility Testimonial ------

I had been trying to get pregnant for 5 years and had gone through one failed round of In Vitro Fertilization. My diagnosis didn’t look good: poor quality eggs. At 35, I was devastated that I wouldn’t be able to have my own children. At the urging of my new Reproductive Embryologist, I tried IVF one more time. I had heard that acupuncture helped a great deal with the stress associated with infertility. I was willing to give it a try.

I began seeing Dr. Yang in January. Upon first meeting him, I was struck by his kind and gentle manner. He immediately put me at ease. He had me come in twice a week for treatments. Along with infertility, I had major stress issues and allergies. I started to feel better after the first treatment. I was no longer lying awake at night with stress, I felt energetic, and I felt that I was in control of my body. I hadn’t felt this good in years!

After about a month of treatments, I began my IVF cycle. It was a success! I am now awaiting my first child. It is truly a miracle. I am convinced that Dr. Yang’s work was instrumental in my pregnancy. He is an expert at what he does. He really cares about the health and happiness of his patients.
------------Sara T.

I saw Dr. Yang both before and during my 3rd cycle of IVF as my hormones were majorly screwed up after the first two failed cycles. I felt really calm and relaxed from the first treatment and believe this had a major impact on the IVF as I responded better than before. The calmness also continued for the past 9 months and I'm pleased to say I now have my gorgeous 2 Weeks old baby girl laying on me. I cannot thank Dr. Yang enough for his help.
--------------Amy C.

He is a true miracle worker! Three weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, something that I never thought would be possible. My husband and I had tried for over 5 years to have a baby. Over the course of those 5 long years, I experienced 4 miscarriages, and various treatments from numerous doctors. When I had just about given up hope of ever having children, my friend told me about Dr. Yang. I figured it couldn't hurt to try acupuncture, yet I was weary about getting my hopes up. It turns out it was the best decision I could have ever made. Dr. Yang was so kind and caring, and I immediately felt extremely comfortable with him. Once I started acupuncture and herbs, I was pregnant within three months. I continued acupuncture with Dr. Yang throughout the course of my pregnancy. He was so supportive. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Yang. Last week I had the pleasure of introducing my little Mary to Dr. Yang. It was something that I had envisioned over the course of my pregnancy, and it was a very special moment. I can never thank Dr. Yang enough for all that he did for us.
------------Susan F.

I had been through multiple IVF cycles prior to trying acupuncture with Dr. Yang to help in conception. Dr. Yang has been able to help me greatly with my anxiety, stress and insomnia. I was much less stress, sad, anxious, or lonely, and I was able to sleep very well through the whole IVF cycle. I felt very comfortable and confident during the IVF cycle. I am very glad that I am pregnant now. Dr. Yang’s acupuncture and herbs made the difference. Thanks to Dr. Yang’s help.
----------Angelina k.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 4 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS and started clomid treatments along with progesterone in November of 2017. We were on our 4th cycle of clomid and still no pregnancies. I was devastated and was lost of hope. I came across Dr. Yang Acupuncture and talked it over with my husband and we decided to give it a shot, best decision we ever made! I stop taking progesterone and clomid and focused all my energy and trust in the process of Acupuncture. I began Acupuncture on 1/12/18 and after 12 sessions and a couple of weeks taking his amazing herb. I got a POSITIVE pregnancy test!!! I couldn't believe it! We were actually pregnant!!! I'm so grateful to the doctor Yang for all the positive energy and well wishes the Dr. Yang is truly blessed with a great gift! Please, don't give up hope, if you are like me and feel like you have tried everything do yourself a favor, have faith and give Energy Body Acupuncture Clinic a chance, you won't regret it.
----------Jackie A.

A year ago I found out that I had a thyroid issue and I had to stop trying to have a baby until my thyroid was fixed. After a couple of months being treated by an endocrinologist my thyroid was more or less stabilized so I started trying to conceive again but I didn´t have any results for almost a year so I decided to give a try to acupuncture. My first visit was magical; Dr. Yang found out many of the things that were wrong in me just by taking my pulse and looking at my tongue. We set up a weekly therapy that combined acupuncture and some herbs made especially for addressing my issues. Every time I went to his office the experience was amazing. He was totally involved in my case, made me feel special and gave me all the support that I needed to overcome these difficult moments. Two months and a half after starting with him I found out that I was pregnant. I still cannot believe it! I´m still seeing Dr. Yang weekly and enjoying my sessions. I don´t have enough words to thank him for all the things he has made for me.
----------Sandra H.

I had a series of acupuncture sessions with Dr. Yang as part of my fertility treatment. I'd never had acupuncture before but J Dr. Yang’s kind, gentle manner put me at ease and made me feel completely comfortable. He also gave me stage by stage information about exactly what he was doing and how it was going to benefit me and my treatment. He was also very flexible about timings, and a couple of times saw me very late in the evening, to maximize the potential for me to fall pregnant. And I'm very happy to say that it worked! I'm now 20 weeks pregnant! I'd recommend Dr.Yang to anyone.
---------Ember G.

I began seeing Dr. Yang several months ago after two miscarriages and almost two years of trying to conceive. Additionally, I had been on antidepressants and sleep meds for over ten years. After just a couple months of treatment (with acupuncture, herbs, and healthy lifestyle coaching), I am now free of all medications, sleep wonderfully, have excellent energy and mood, and, most important, am 12 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby! I feel so grateful to have Dr. Yang in my life!
-----------Elizabeth N.

I have been trying to conceive for over 3 years with no luck! I decided to try Acupuncture and I found Dr. Yang. Dr. Yang made me feel comfortable and he was so caring and reassuring. Initially I had a fear of needles but they were absolutely fine! I visited Dr. Yang every week and I was due to do a round of IVF. To my absolute amazement I fell pregnant naturally! Dr. Yang ..... I owe you everything and I can not thank you enough! You have totally changed my life .... THANK YOU!
---------Wendy B.

------ Hormone unbalance Testimonial ------

I suffer from a complex endocrine condition. I had had all the treatment that traditional medicine can provide but remained very unwell with poor quality of life with much problematic resultant damage. Since seeing Dr. Yang I have been regaining my life because his treatments are so effective. Also, I find Dr. Yang to be particularly caring and he works carefully and thoughtfully to use his skills to best treat my complicated condition. I credit all my improvement to Dr. Yang. He truly is a godsend
---------Julissa Z.

I have been going to Dr. Yang Acupuncture for over 6 months. Dr. Yang has helped me though many different medical issues including menopause, insomnia, allergies, anxiety and a shoulder injury. Not only is he an amazing practitioner, he is also a very amazing person, and you feel like you are being treated by someone who genuinely cares about you!!
--------Roselyn F.

------ Pain Testimonial ------

I was suffering from severe neck and back pain. Dr. Yang used a combination of treatments to release the locked muscles and ease my stress. I had tried several other alternative treatments that failed to resolve my problem. Thankfully after 3 times treatment I feel much better and am out of pain. Dr. Yang is very patient and tries to get to the route of the problem. I would definitely use him again and would recommend he.
--------Michael A.

I had been suffering from tendonitis and following a regimen prescribed by a sports orthopedist, but the pain was recurring off and on for a long period, and I decided to try acupuncture. After working with Dr. Yang for 6 sessions, the symptoms were gone and I was able to resume my activities without any restrictions. My experience was totally positive – he was very caring and thorough in his treatment and I would highly recommend Dr. Yang to anyone considering acupuncture.
--------Barbara K.

I get the best treatment for my back pain at Energy Body Acupuncture clinic and have for 4 sessions. Dr. Yang always listens. The Chinese medicine that is offered always helps, too. Whenever I hear someone complain about pain, I refer them to see Dr. Yang. There is no place I would rather go than here. – S.E.
--------April E.

Dr. Yang (David) has helped me so very much to overcome pain in my back, and in my legs and feet. I have been coming to Dr. Yang for only two weeks (6 appointments) and I am so very much improved. The pain is gone in my back.
-----June C.

“I have suffered from chronic back pain for over ten years. In time my back condition has steadily gotten worse. I was suffering from a degenerative disc disease and sciatic pain. At times the shooting pain down my left leg was so bad, I could do nothing but lie on my side in bed. It’s almost impossible to walk, sit, or bend. At the time of my first visit, Dr. Yang treated me with utmost sensitivity and respect during my first consultation and to start treatment immediately. After my first session of acupuncture, the pain had been eliminated by almost 70%! JUST ONE TREATMENT! I continued to see Dr. Yang several times a week for several weeks until the pain had been virtually eliminated! I now see Dr. Yang periodically or when there is just a minor hint of pain. There’s no reason for anyone to live in pain of any kind when there is this sort of treatment available. A true believer,
--------John T.

Excellent experience at Energy body acupuncture center, I’m going to be a regular! The office there is so friendly, clean and simple beautiful I am so grateful to Dr. Yang for the treatments. Thank you for treating me for my hip pain. I can now walk without pain and the symptoms appear to be gone. Dr. Yang was quite a nice professional. Very gentle spoken, he made me feel right comfortable with him. Dr. Yang's knowledge and passion for his patient. I'm Highly recommend Dr. Yang and Energy Body Acupuncture center.
--------Kristina S.

Dr. Yang is a terrific practitioner. His professionalism and broad knowledge, and his ability to explain the body's functions and his treatment modalities, make for a really good experience. Very professional. He was good at figuring out what was going with my ongoing lower back pain. He's treatments really helped. He prescribed me some Chinese herbs for my stress and digestion issues which really helped. It was the first time I took Chinese herbs. My problems have cleared up. I can't recommend him highly enough!
--------Kara H.

Dr. Yang is so passionate and in tune with the body that I am always amazed at his consultations. Personal, attentive and caring approach are some of the qualities of his acupuncture services. He is always willing to listen and you never feel rushed. The combined acupuncture and herbal remedies practiced by Dr. Yang have greatly reduced the pain and anxiety I had been experiencing during a stressful time in my life. Since then, I have become a frequent visitor to Dr. Yang, following him to his new office, and retaining the healing and pain relief that comes with the natural medicine that Dr. Yang practices. I would recommend Dr. Yang to anyone who is trying to heal and in the pursuit of well being.
--------Gracie T.

Dr. Yang is very knowledgeable and professional. I came to him with shoulder pain a couple of months ago, and I could see improvement after just the first two visits. He asks you about any health issues you may have and creates a regimen that is specific to you. I would highly recommend Dr. Yang!
--------Richard D.

Energy Body Acupuncture Clinic has helped me with stomach problems. At first I was skeptical about acupuncture but Dr. Yang helped answer a lot of my questions and uncertainties. I came to this clinic because of a stomach issue, and a lifetime full of migraines. After 3 weeks of acupuncture my stomach is already feeling much better, and I have only had 1 migraine since I started due to lack of sleep (I usually have at least 1-2 a week) I really like that this place uses calming music, aromatherapy, and even has herbal supplemental options to promote quicker healing! I also feel like the more you go, the more relaxed and comfortable you become with the process. All I would recommend this place to anyone who is curious about acupuncture or is dealing with concerning health problems that they want to solve. I really appreciate what Dr. Yang are doing and I couldn't be happier with going here. THANKS!!
--------Alison R.

I came to see Dr. Yang after several months of daily headaches the were not responding to traditional medicine. I tried everything- Tylenol, Advil, massage, and was starting to worry there was a bigger issue causing my headaches. I decided to try acupuncture hoping to figure out exactly what was causing my headaches and to see if Dr. Yang could help me. After just 3 treatments my headaches are almost completely gone, my TMJ has become less of an issue and my stress level has significantly improved. I love coming to my sessions and leave feeling relaxed. I'm so thankful I found Dr. Yang.
--------Aida N.

I started seeing Dr. Yang for my migraine headaches I've had for the past 10+years. I initially purchased 3 sessions to see how I liked acupuncture and went once a week to start. After just one session I noticed a difference in the amount of migraines I was getting. I normally experience 1-3 migraines a month but after the first session I didn't get a migraine for two solid months. I felt so relaxed and comfortable in the care of Dr. Yang. He didn't just treat me and send me on my way; Instead he asked a ton of questions and gave me feedback and suggestions on things I could do to help my headaches on my own. He suggested other herbs, supplements, and dietary changes I could make, but in no way did I feel pressured into buying anything extra. I felt he was very knowledgeable and extremely sincere in his approach and I trust in his practice. I'm so thankful I took a chance to see him. I haven't felt this good in a long time and I owe it all to Dr. Yang!!
--------Deanna S.

------ Skin Disease Testimonial ------

Started becoming to Energy Body Acupuncture clinic due to my acnes problem. After few sessions, I already see a huge difference on my face. Didn't know what the cause was until I come to Dr. Yang. I was having digestion problem and hormones imbalanced. He helped solving my internal issues and I felt a lot better. I love coming to this place, very relaxing and comfortable. He is very patient, gentle and easy to talk to. Call and schedule appointments ahead of time!
--------Helen C.

I have consistent Acne problem for years due to imbalanced hormone. Dr Yang has helped on the problem a lot. Right after the first acupuncture by Dr. Yang, my facial skin color changed from dull to radiant. I was very amazed by the changes of my facial skin. Thank you, Dr. Yang!
--------Ginger F.

I have had facial seborrheic dermatitis for years and have seen a number of dermatologists. The usual treatment prescribed is topical steroids as well as other ointments and creams that you really don't want to put on your face. While they helped initially, they stopped having an effect and I was unable to control flare ups. I was skeptical about acupuncture but was so frustrated that I made an appointment at Dr. Yang Acupuncture after getting a friend's recommendation. I scheduled a series of 5 sessions. After the second treatment I started noticing improvement in redness and itching. Dr. Yang spoke to me about diet and advised me to make some changes which could be contributing to the condition. My condition improved greatly thanks to Dr. Yang. I was also terrified of the needles but Dr. Yang was very attentive to this and I was comfortable during the treatments. I highly recommend giving Energy Body Acupuncture clinic a try! Thank you, Dr. Yang.
--------Linda P.

Been seeing a dermatologist for years for my psoriasis and had only topical creams to help relieve the pain/inflammation but I wanted to limit the use of steroid creams. So recently I decided to try out acupuncture since it flared up more. Only after 6 sessions with Dr. Yang there was a difference. My psoriasis had flattened and I was no longer itchy. I don't even feel the need to use any of my topical creams but regular moisturizing lotion. I'm so happy I found this place!
--------Randy E.

------ Allergy Testimonia Testimonial ------

A friend suggested I should try acupuncture for my allergy sinus problems. I had an operation for repeated sinusitis, about 2 years ago but it was unsuccessful. After only three sessions with Dr. Yang. My sinus has felt clearer. Dr. Yang is a kind person who is warm and friendly, very professional and exceptionally gifted. I have already recommended Dr. Yang to my family and friends. I would highly recommend Dr. Yang to anyone thinking of trying allergy acupuncture. --------Robert Y. I have had chronic and extreme allergies for 10 years. Even with 2 antihistamines and a nasal Steroid I was still suffering. I was about to try immunotherapy shots, which was a major commitment and something I felt uncomfortable with, which is why I decided to see Dr. Yang try acupuncture. After 6 treatments my symptoms have gone away completely. I am in awe of the ability for acupuncture to solve a problem I thought I would have forever. I feel better than ever and I am doing fine. Thank you Dr. Yang. --------Karen V. I have suffered with asthma and allergies all my life. Years on medications, inhalers and immunotherapy. Most recently experiencing sinus pressure, headaches and exhaustion. Since my treatments with Dr. Yang, I now have no headaches, no sinus problems and take no medications. I have more energy than I have had in years. I feel great! --------Fiona N. I started going to Dr. Yang to get acupuncture for my allergies, I had been on a daily allergy medicine for 4 years which totally dried me out - my hair, my skin - and it was becoming less and less effective in preventing my sinus headaches. Within the first 6 appointments I was able to stop taking my medicine completely and now it's been 3 years and I've never had to take anything again. I still see Dr. Yang for allergy acupuncture appointment. Every 2 or 3 weeks because I've found the acupuncture to be so incredibly good for stress and total body relaxation which I know I need. --------Katie S.

------ Facelift Testimonial ------

Face lift Acupuncture is the most relaxing and restorative facial ever! I had 12 sessions. Dr. Yang uses more needles as time goes on and depending on one's specific needs. After a few sessions you can feel the blood flowing. At the end of each session my face glowed. Dr. Yang is quite adept in placing needles so that one doesn't even feel them. After that you are in for a treat. You are left to relax and your body goes into a deep relaxation that is so stress releasing. One hates for the session to end. The benefits for me have been: firmer skin, a brighter complexion and a reduction of fine lines. I have mature skin which has benefited from the procedure. I am tremendously pleased with the results.
--------Catalina R.

Because of the fear of side effects after cosmetic surgery, I didn't hesitate to try the Dr. Yang ‘s facelift acupuncture. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Acupuncture stimulates the many points in our body that promotes healing I felt I received so many benefits from the facial acupuncture. My skin seemed to brighten and had a healthier appearance. It looked and felt firmer and the few wrinkles I had seemed like they were filled in....hard to described with words. Also, the tension in my face and jaw from clenching due to stress was relieved. In addition, I slept better. Facelift Acupuncture is a part of my wellness routine and staying physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Yang
--------Isabella E.

Dr. Yang's facelift acupuncture treatments make me feel very relaxed and comfortable as you hardly feel any needle going into your body. He is always teaching me to eat the right kind of food whenever I have a condition that needs attention and advise on take herbs for corrective measures. I also believe that he has "magic hands" that can detect some irregularity within my body, checking your tongue and feeling you pulse. Not only my skin look more heath, but also the end result that makes me sleep better and boost up my immune system, and help me with some hormone issues. He is wonderful doctors and I recommend them to all my friends who want to look young and has pain in their body but do not wish to take "drugs for treatment.
--------Vanessa N.

------ IBS Testimonial ------

Last spring, after a vacation trip, I suddenly began having extremely uncomfortable symptoms of what seemed to be a digestive disorder, constipation, gas, belching after meals, a feeling of being stuffed, even when I hadn't eaten, anorexia, nausea, a burning feeling in my stomach a feeling of discomfort in my throat, a feeling, in general, of not being well. My doctor did many tests, all of which showed nothing wrong. Her final diagnosis was that, most likely, I was suffering with acid reflux and IBS. After several months of trying everything my doctor recommended, without much improvement, I saw Dr. Yang. I began seeing him twice a week at first and gradually, now, I see him once a week. His treatments have made my symptoms virtually disappear; I am so much better! I also have more energy and just feel better in general. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Yang to anyone suffering with acid reflux and IBS
--------Aryana G.

I have suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for 4 years and had tried everything from medication to eliminating different foods from my diet to reiki but nothing worked. I had numerous GP and specialists visits, and had a serious of tests carried out but all the result came back with no abnormalities. However I felt there was something seriously wrong with me as I woke up every morning with pains in my stomach and struggled to find the energy to get through the day. I also felt extremely anxious and nervous, just not quite right. I felt a difference after the first session. I no longer have the pains and bloating or the anxious feelings. Overall I feel a lot better and more like myself. I found Dr. Yang to be highly professional and genuine. I enjoyed my treatments and will continue with them for the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Yang as an acupuncturist and would advise anyone suffering from IBS to make an appointment IBS
--------Stacy P.

------ Weight Loss Testimonial ------

I am a 35-year old, I was always 35-40 pounds over- weight since my 18th birthday. I am very careful on my diet and exercise a lot, but I will can't lose weight. Dr. Yang started working on me 5 weeks ago. He did normal acupuncture as well as ear acupuncture, and gave me some herbal medicine as a tea. After 3 weeks my weight start going down, I lost 20 pounds now and I keep coming to Dr. Yang 2 times a month to lose more. Thank to Dr. Yang.
--------Kelly G.

I had severe back pain for more than 8 years, the surgery did not help me much. I still have very bad pain after surgery. I was also 55 pounds over- weight. My back pain was 80% off after two acupuncture treatments with Dr. Yang. After seeing Dr. Yang for about 4 weeks, my back pain is great and much to my surprise, I lost 22 pounds! Dr. Yang’s acupuncture and herbal did a great job on my body.
--------Johnson M.

------ Anxiety, Stress, Depress Testimonial ------

I've been going here for a month now with Dr. Yang. I've had a total of 5 sessions . I've been going for stress and anxiety and honestly I feel so much better! I've tried so many other things for my really bad anxiety and none of them were working until I started receiving Acupuncture with Dr. Yang. He is amazing at what he does! He is very patient and listens very well to you and your needs. Today I'm going back for another session and I will continue to come back for maintenance Thank Dr. Yang
--------John D.

I heard and read about the benefits of acupuncture but unless you grow up exposed to this type of alternative medicine it can be scary and confusing. I decided to try it after my anxiety attacks returned. I heard of the benefits though reading different articles. The doctor Yang was very quick to analyze the problem and find the source of what needed balancing. I loved that he focused on balancing my body rather than fixing just one problem. The actual insertion of pins wasn't too bad. There were a few I felt but mildly. After he left me to relax in a darkened room with music and other relaxing techniques. He explained after I would need a few more sessions. He also recommended some food suggestions. By the next morning I noticed a difference. I started to feel like myself again and balanced. Highly recommended Dr. Yang.
--------Melina W.

------ ED Testimonial ------

I have been suffering from hypertension for more than 15 years. I have taken different kinds of medicine, my blood pressure is up and down and never gets controlled. I also suffer a lot of side effects from the medication, such as impotence, fatigue, insomnia, etc. Since I started seeing Dr. Yang, my blood pressure is very good, my impotence is gone, and I have much more energy. Dr. Yang really helps me a lot.
---------Tom R.

------ Cancer Care Testimonial ------

I began working with Dr. Yang shortly after starting chemo to treat colon cancer. His treatments, usually scheduled shortly after the chemical infusions, mitigated the side effects dramatically, especially the low energy and queasiness, and have helped to ease both the focal neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy. His treatments have also helped in the healing of my surgeries. In addition to his skill, Dr. Yang’s bedside manner is both warm and competent, which allows me the room I need to relax and be comfortable and receptive to treatment. Dr. Yang is also very good at explaining what he is doing in language that I can understand. He is sensitive to my particular circumstances, and is consistently kind and respectful. I highly recommend him.
--------Khloe F.