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Say Goodbye to: Allergies and Sinusitis

According to Chinese medical theory, the signs of allergies and sinusitis are related to imbalances in the meridian and organ systems of the body. These imbalances may stem from a variety of causes, including stress, poor diet, constitutional weakness, pollutants and environmental toxins.

Over time, if imbalances remain within the body, they will affect the functions of the organ systems.

Acupuncture and herbs support and strengthen the systems of the body and facilitating the smooth and free flow of the energy through the body, symptoms and signs of allergies and sinusitis could be greatly reduced or eliminated.

What you expect from the acupuncture session:

  1. Thorough exam, taking complete health history will be conducted
  2. Unique treatment and treatment plan will be developed to address your specific concerns
  3. Herbal formula, life style and diet will be prescribed and discussed. Self massage and qi gong exercise will be taught to help speeding up the recovering process

Treatment Goal:
  1. To eliminate visible symptoms and sign
  2. To address the root causes and underlying imbalances affecting the quality and quantity of defensive energy
  3. To understand the physical block, mental block, and Spiritual block that obstruct the energy pathways towards optimal health and Quality of Life
Achieving Goals such as:
  1. Painless Abdominal Acupuncture
  2. Painless Face Acupuncture
  3. Painless Naval Acupuncture
  4. Auricular Acupuncture
  5. Electro- Acupuncture
  6. Bleeding Therapy/li>
  7. Cupping Therapy
  8. Herbal Therapy
  9. Mind-Body Therapy
Other Benefits from this Treatment:
  1. Improve Digestion:
    • Reduce Abdominal Bloating/Gas
    • Reduce Weighs / Loss inches/ Enhancing Energy
  2. Facial Rejuvenation:
    • Reduce Puffiness/ Improve Facial Muscle Tone/ Reduce double Chin


A friend suggested I should try acupuncture for my allergy sinus problems. I had an operation for repeated sinusitis, about 2 years ago but it was unsuccessful. After only three sessions with Dr. Yang. My sinus has felt clearer. Dr. Yang is a kind person who is warm and friendly, very professional and exceptionally gifted. I have already recommended Dr. Yang to my family and friends. I would highly recommend Dr. Yang to anyone thinking of trying allergy acupuncture.
--------Robert Y.

I have had chronic and extreme allergies for 10 years. Even with 2 antihistamines and a nasal Steroid I was still suffering. I was about to try immunotherapy shots, which was a major commitment and something I felt uncomfortable with, which is why I decided to see Dr. Yang try acupuncture. After 6 treatments my symptoms have gone away completely. I am in awe of the ability for acupuncture to solve a problem I thought I would have forever. I feel better than ever and I am doing fine. Thank you Dr. Yang.
--------Karen V.

I have suffered with asthma and allergies all my life. Years on medications, inhalers and immunotherapy. Most recently experiencing sinus pressure, headaches and exhaustion. Since my treatments with Dr. Yang, I now have no headaches, no sinus problems and take no medications. I have more energy than I have had in years. I feel great!
--------Fiona N.

I started going to Dr. Yang to get acupuncture for my allergies ,I had been on a daily allergy medicine for 4 years which totally dried me out - my hair, my skin - and it was becoming less and less effective in preventing my sinus headaches. Within the first 6 appointments I was able to stop taking my medicine completely and now it's been 3 years and I've never had to take anything again. I still see Dr. Yang for allergy acupuncture appointment. Every 2 or 3 weeks because I've found the acupuncture to be so incredibly good for stress and total body relaxation which I know I need.
--------Katie S.